Sep 082011

Meet Anne Adiambo. She is a tailor, jewelry maker and most recently a Mwezi Towel free-lancer. Anne has a little 2x2m shop in Kisumu town where she sells her craft.  It has a front desk, her sewing machine and an old fridge that is used as a cupboard. The walls are decorated with ornate cushion covers, little dresses and rows of earrings and necklaces. There are piles of half finished Mwezi towels scattered on a number of services.

She was taught about the Mwezi design by one of our key trainers and now makes the Mwezi sanitary towel to order. She tells us of some of the most recent special orders of: 20, 150 and 250 and how she struggles at times to keep up with the demand. She using second hand materials, “matumba,” that she sources from local stores and makes the Mwezi towels for individuals, schools and other NGOs.

She tells me the response has been “very good’ and even the woman who was in the shop just before our arrival had seen the sanitary towels and was asking her all about them. “The demand is big” she tells me  “and that is good, if it is big it is good because that means constant work!”

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