Night Heron Wind Turbine


The Night Heron Wind Turbine is the latest development from the award-winning access:energy. True to the principles of access:energy, the turbine is built almost entirely from locally sourced materials using local manufacturing talent.

The turbine:

  • Produces power at a cost 2-3 times lower than equivalent PV solar panels.
  • Is built locally using local skills and materials and hence can be readily repaired locally.
  • Is powerful enough to provide electricity for up to 50 rural Kenyan homes and will cater for the needs of even relatively power-hungry applications.


  • KSh 220,000 ‘plug and play’ (includes everything you need; the turbine, mast, batteries, wiring, installation, delivery and commissioning)
  • Can be purchased incrementally via a longer term payment plan.
  • Is available on a lease/hire basis.

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How it works

The Night Heron Turbine is based on an open-source design developed by the legendary Hugh Piggott and is the workhorse behind our innovative service delivery. Electricity from the turbine is stored in a battery bank for use when the wind is not blowing. The turbines can be expanded in modular arrays to meet the energy needs of small communities or commercial clients. We keep our prices low by building small and local.

Power to the People:

access:energy enables East African home owners, building managers, schools and NGOs to use renewable energy and distribute the electricity generated to their local cluster. access:energy sets up a complete wind energy system at your property so that you can offer refrigeration services to dairy farmers, charge batteries and lamps for your neighbourhood or simply run a small business like a barber shop. Customers pay monthly via mPesa mobile payment and access:energy handles everything technical, including maintenance. This way you can focus on using the energy and running your business.

If you are located in East Africa and looking to power your home, NGO offices or farmers cooperative while bringing clean energy to your neighbourhood, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to learn more.


  • Rotor Diameter: 2.4m
  • Nominal rating: 700W
  • Output: 12V or 24V options available
  • Power output at 5 m/s windspeed: 93kWh per month
  • Daily output under typical conditions: 2.5kWh per day
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