Renewable energy: made in Kenya


access:energy is piloting low-cost electricity services for rural Kenya. Our products and services are designed, manufactured and distributed locally. Our approach keeps our prices far lower than solar photovoltaics and other off-grid energy options, while enabling use of the electricity by the poor on terms that work for them.

84% of Kenyans – 32million people – do not have electricity at home. We think off-grid renewable energy is the only real alternative.

The Deal

Lease or purchase a plug-and-play energy system. Site assessment, installation, maintenance – access:energy will take care of everything. Learn about our latest turbine here.

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Our R&D work is made possible by working in partnership with Universities, Kenyan trade associations, local NGOs and community groups. We are always interested to hear from you.

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Funders and investors

access:energy will look to offer seed-stage equity mid 2012, pending completion of several energy installation pilots. Please contact us to find out more.

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